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SMU Impact Accelerator



Be a Part of the Pioneer Cohort


Empower innovators in the SMU community to build creative solutions that address society’s most pressing challenges.



The programme duration is 12 weeks and will be from May 31 to August 23,  2017.


We work with you to find the right mentor who fits with your business and sector. Your seasoned mentor stays with you over the course of the programme and coaches you along the way. Gain ad-hoc access to advisors with specialised knowledge on what you need to know, from financial modeling to customer acquisition.


Attend workshops in technical (finance, marketing, etc.) and soft skills (leadership, team management, etc.) to become investment ready. Have regular intimate dinner gatherings and network with successful entrepreneurs, investors and social innovators, exclusive to your cohort. Access their backstories and real world advice.


Become a part of the exclusive cohort community of the SMU Impact Accelerator. The accelerator will connect you to mentors, investors and other relevant players in the industry.


Make a home-base at SMU Labs, access advice from legal and accounting experts through the SMU Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE), as well as other services from IIE partners such as Microsoft BizSpark, Amazon Web Services, and KPMG.



1. You have a business model. That is, you have a concrete and detailed plan for how your business will grow and make money in the future.

2. You have an impact model. That is, you have a concrete and detailed plan for how your business will address a major social problem and create tangible social impact.

3. At least one member of your team MUST be a current or graduating SMU student.



I have a venture that is a business, but doesn’t have a social mission. Can I still apply?

It depends.  We suggest that you do some work first before you apply in order to bring forward your social/environmental objectives along with the current value proposition of your business. We acknowledge that many “traditional”, commercial businesses do a lot of good for society and/or the environment. If you can describe this impact in specific terms, position this impact as core to your business, and articulate a plan for how your impact will grow as your business grows, then your venture will be eligible.

I have a venture that is a non-profit (or wants to be), so we don’t have a profit model. Can I still apply?

For now, we are looking for business ideas that prioritize social impact along with a profit model. If your idea is a pure non-profit, please still get in touch – there may be other ways we can support your great work!

I’m graduating in May. Can I apply?

Yes, graduating SMU students are more than welcome to apply.

I’m a part-time or executive education student. Can I apply?

Unfortunately, this programme is directed at full-time SMU students only. If you think we can support you in other ways, please feel free to reach out.

Are dual degree students (with one of the degrees being taken at SMU) eligible to apply?

Yes! Dual degree students who are taking one of their degrees at SMU are more than welcome to apply.


Applications Closed



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Applications closed

The accepted teams will be announced in early May, 2017. 



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