Tania Nagpaul

Tania oversees research at the Lien Centre for Social Innovation. She has rich experience in qualitative and quantitative research through projects spanning several socially relevant issues. These include recreational gambling perceptions of Singaporean youth, attitudes towards homosexuality in Singapore and penetration of materialistic values in Singapore. A psychologist by training, Tania believes strongly about applying psychological principles to understand social and community-level phenomena. She has published articles in internationally peer-reviewed journals and has received the best speaker award for her presentations on mindfulness, gratitude, and materialism consecutively for two years at the Humanities and Social Sciences colloquium held at NTU. Further, she has over 5 years’ experience in lecturing and tutoring at various universities in Singapore.

Tania is extremely passionate about conducting action research that has social impact. While pursuing her masters’ degree in applied psychology from the University of Delhi, India, Tania had a unique opportunity to work in a rural community awareness program aimed at sensitizing rural inhabitants to the special needs of individuals grappling with physical and mental disabilities.

Tania received her PhD in psychology from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

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