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Social entrepreneurs are transforming the business landscape by building viable, self-sustaining businesses with social and environmental missions. The Business for Impact Internship Programme will challenge you to do business differently – to apply principles of marketing, business and management, in tackling pressing social and environmental issues, such as food wastage, access to water in the region, elderly care and others. You will intern at innovative local social enterprises at the forefront of tackling such issues.

The internship positions are administered under the DBS Business For Impact Internship Programme, and the programme is a collaboration between SMU Lien Centre for Social Innovation and DBS Foundation. Interns selected for this programme will receive a competitive stipend during their 4 to 5 weeks winter internship period. The internship will be any 5 weeks between 5 Dec 2022 -  8 Jan 2023


What's it like working at a social enterprise?

How does it differ from working in a corporate office - or is there even a difference? Two SMU undergraduates share their experiences.



What You Will Gain:

1. Develop Leadership: Work closely with the founder or senior managment of your host company

2. Achieve More: Learn to balance the financial and social impact goals of a business

3. Embrace Change: Be surrounded by innovation and learn how to solve problems in creative ways


Application Deadline:

Application will be opening in early October
Please submit all application via OnTRAC portal.

Note: This internship will not qualify to meet your mandatory internship requirement as it is lesser than the required 10 weeks internship. 

How To Apply:

Login to your SMU OnTRAC Account when application opens and search for 'Lien Centre for Social Innovation'. You will see a list of available positions with [DBS] in the title. Please note that this programme is only open to SMU undergraduate students.

If you have any questions about the programme, please email liencentre [at]

2022 Participating Social Enterprises:

Participating organisations are subjected to changes. 

DBSBFI 2022 Participating SEs


Applications Open for Winter 2022 in October. Register your interest here!



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