SMU-TCTF Summer Attachment & Industry Learning Programme at Social Service Agencies

SMU-TCTF Summer Attachment & Industry Learning Programme at Social Service Agencies

SMU-TCTF Summer Attachment & Industry Learning Programme at Social Service Agencies


Embark on a unique and rewarding attachment at a social service agency (SSA) where you will drive positive change through fundraising initiatives, digital marketing and charitable programmes. Make a difference to society and learn how you can create positive social impact in various areas of the community, including children, youths, seniors, differently-abled individuals and others. Don't miss this opportunity to gain in-depth exposure to the unique experience of working in Singapore's non-profit sector.

The internship positions are administered under the SAIL-TCTF Programme, and is a collaboration between SMU Lien Centre for Social Innovation and Tan Chin Tuan Foundation. Interns selected for this programme will receive a competitive stipend during their 10 weeks internship period.


What's it like working in the social sector?

Two SMU undergraduates share their experiences.




What You Will Gain:

  • Participate and contribute to the problem-solving process of a cause of your choice, working towards creating a better world for all
  • People skills including working in diverse teams and building relationships to help you succeed
  • Soft skills including project management, research, presentation and business communication
  • Understanding of Singapore's social sector and possible career options


Application Deadline:

First application window closed. Deadline for Second Application Window: 22 March 2020. Shortlisting and interviews will commence the week of 23 March - Please make sure you are available for interview.


How To Apply:

Login to your SMU Ontrac Account and search for 'Lien Centre for Social Innovation'. You will see a list of available positions with [SAIL] in the title. Please note that this programme is only open to SMU undergraduate students. Second application window: Positions listed with *Recruiting* are still open for applications. If you have any questions about the programme, please email liencentre [at]


2020 Participating Organisations:


Positions Available:

At O'Joy Care Services, you will have the opportunity to build an Automated Attendance System to improve operational processes and productivity for the organisation. You will get to:

  • Experience the entire software development life cycle in real-life
  • Analyse the problem, and then design, code, test and implement a solution that will be used by seniors
  • Explore and work with barcode technologies
  • Interact with seniors during requirement analysis, user acceptance testing and implementation
  • Integrate the automated system with the database
  • Generate statistical reports to monitor the well-being of seniors, as well as the success of the programme

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Analysis for the problem and definition of requirements
  • System design
  • Coding and testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Implementation

This position will support the intended expansion of HCSA Academy through these responsibilities:

  • Explore and identify market segments of culinary enthusiasts. Gather and analyse data on market demand for various culinary courses
  • Support marketing and sales ideation and activities to reach the identified markets, for the Academy
  • Establish new partnerships and channels that will be support student enrollment to Academy courses
  • Identify and analyse initiatives that would support the sustainability of Academy (e.g. Production kitchen, cloud kitchen, ready to eat brands etc.)

At SPD, you will be involved in planning and marketing the annual SPD Ability Walk & Run fundraising event.

Started in 2016, SPD Ability Walk & Run helps foster greater inclusion within the community by providing an opportunity for both members of the public and people with disabilities (PWDs) to walk together in aid of PWDs. It is also one of the biggest disability-focused charity walks in Singapore. Participants enjoy experiential learning through simulated activities and games. The funds raised were channelled to help people with disabilities served through the programmes and services offered at SPD.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Manage outreach to corporate organisations for potential event sponsorship, bulk registration as well as other forms of collaborations and support
  • Source for online/physical platforms for potential event marketing and promotion
  • Support and coordinate with vendors on pre-event logistics
  • Assist with other roles, e.g. designing marketing collaterals, managing carnival activities, etc

The Communications team at SPD reaches an online audience of over 10,000 recipients through eDMs and social media, sharing stories, health-care/disability related articles and happenings at SPD to keep in touch with readers and be on top of their mind.

This project gives you the opportunity to strengthen the team’s online marketing efforts through:

  • Developing a readership survey to find out which kind of content appeals to readers and how we can improve readership
  • Understanding target segments of the community and the appropriate platforms and content to reach out to them
  • Devising and implementing a campaign to raise awareness of and support for SPD among the youth in our community

At Beyond Social Services, you will be deeply involved in the community mapping of rental neighbourhoods. Beyond Social Services has already begun the process of community mapping for some rental neighbourhoods, and you will take this further through the project.

Community Mapping—sometimes referred to as asset mapping—is a process of exploring, describing and mapping existing assets in a neighbourhood. Mapping these assets allows for a community to assess and evaluate their neighbourhood, further strengthen these assets, nurture new ones where needed, and develop closer connections. Community members can also mobilise their assets to develop solutions to social issues within the community.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Learn and understand about the process of community mapping
  • Undertake data collection for community mapping projects: includes scheduling and interviewing (residents, representatives from organisations and other related stakeholders in the community), as well as participant observation
  • Transcribe interviews and write up field notes
  • Analyse data collected (coding) and write up a report
  • Present findings

The associate will identify and build key partnerships for HCSA Community Services through these responsibilities:

  • Research and identify new Chinese/China-owned companies operating in Singapore, a new niche area for HCSA Community Services
  • Research and expand on HCSA's current database of foundations/ corporates/ churches, exploring both local and overseas, corporate and family-owned Foundations
  • Identify and connect with key stakeholders within these organisations to secure appointments/meetings
  • Participate in business meetings, ideation and brainstorming exercises
  • Support in other HCSA fundraising events and initiatives

At Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE) Singapore, you can expect to gain practical insights into the design and execution of a mass awareness campaign and understand what is needed in the project execution cycle. You will also be challenged to research and find effective means of encapsulating key messages for different groups of stakeholders.

The selected associates will have the opportunity to work on one of or both the following projects. You will also get exposure to youth work and CARE Singapore's activities.

Project 'Silver'

You will work with the enterprise team to examine and expand the branding arsenal of CARE Singapore and have their findings/products incorporated into their initial stages of planning for CARE’s silver anniversary in late 2201/2022. Responsibilities include:

  • Cataloging and working toward rehashing of CARE’s current media assets such as logos, photos and videos
  • Fact finding on the history of CARE and collecting historical photos/materials and stories about the organisation from different groups
  • Exploring and recommending a mix of traditional and social media to reach youths and different stakeholders
  • Assisting in the design and production of new generic branding collaterals and digital assets including CARE’s website and social media presence

Project 'Reach'

You will work with the enterprise team on scoping the ground and preparing the intel for a successful top of mind presence campaign. Responsibilities include:

  • Consolidating targeted contact listings and conceptualising multi-stage engagement
  • Exploring options of merchandising, scoping and framing the year-end campaign 2020
  • Researching and preparing stakeholder and opinion leader mailing lists
  • Exploring ideas of using newsletters or other mediums to send bite-size info or “news” by both broadcasting and narrowcasting
  • Assisting in the production of mini sound-bites or videos using mediums such as Tik Tok and Bawler
  • Researching and preparing a potential supporter list based on CARE Singapore's geographical region
  • Assisting in the branding and promotion of the Community Mental Wellness Centre

At Boys' Town, you will get exposure to a wide variety of projects and events under the Community Partnerships team.

Branding and Fundraising Events

  • Event planning and execution
  • Event promotion through collaterals, social media etc.
  • Host and support guests
  • Volunteer management


  • Production of the Boys’ Town Annual Report
  • Production of Boys’ Town Newsletters

Stakeholder Management

  • Support in the upkeep and maintenance of the volunteers and donors database (Salesforce)
  • Support activities that are relevant to Community Partnerships plans (e.g., hosting visitors)

At Boys' Town, you will get exposure to a wide variety of projects under the Marketing team.

Boys’ Town Walk Run Cycle (year-long event)

This is a new fundraising project for 2020. There will be a series of marketing activities starting from Jan – Nov 2020, to promote the project for sign-ups and also for publicity. You will be able to work on a strategic marketing plan from execution to evaluation.

Boys’ Town Sport Climbing Competition (27/28 Aug)

This is part of the marketing campaign to promote Boys’ Town Adventure Centre. You will have the opportunity to gain event management and organisational skills from the project planning and execution.

Marketing Collaterals Development

You will have the opportunity to create relevant and impactful marketing material that appeals to the targeted audience. This includes content writing, graphic design and production and circulation of materials.

Online Marketing Management

You will leverage on online marketing tools and platforms to promote events/services and also to measure the media impact. This includes social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

At Food from the Heart, you will be handling the Clean Plate Campaign as well as organising a public food donation drive.

The Clean Plate Campaign was started by Food from the Heart in 2013 in conjunction with World Food Day, with the aim of raising awareness of the environmental and societal impact of food waste, and to inculcate the habit of mindful eating. Food from the Heart is moving towards its broader intention of addressing the food waste issue nationwide by working with public institutions and business corporations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute a food donation drive for the public to help raise awareness about Food from the Heart
  • Plan and execute Food from the Heart’s 2020 Clean Plate Campaign through working together with the various participating schools and stakeholders
  • Job rotation and attachment with other Food from the Heart teams


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