SMU-TCTF Summer Attachment & Industry Learning Programme at Social Service Agencies


Embark on a unique and rewarding attachment at a social service agency (SSA) where you will drive positive change through fundraising initiatives, digital marketing and charitable programmes. Make a difference to society and learn how you can create positive social impact in various areas of the community, including children, youths, seniors, differently-abled individuals and others. Don't miss this opportunity to gain in-depth exposure to the unique experience of working in Singapore's non-profit sector.

The internship positions are administered under the SAIL-TCTF Programme, and is a collaboration between SMU Lien Centre for Social Innovation and Tan Chin Tuan Foundation. Interns selected for this programme will receive a competitive stipend during their 10 weeks internship period.


What's it like working in the social sector?

Two SMU undergraduates share their experiences.




What You Will Gain:



  • Participate and contribute to the problem-solving process of a cause of your choice, working towards creating a better world for all
  • People skills including working in diverse teams and building relationships to help you succeed
  • Soft skills including project management, research, presentation and business communication
  • Understanding of Singapore's social sector and possible career options


Application Deadline:

Applications close on 21 March 2021. Shortlisting and interviews will commence the week of 22 March - Please make sure you are available for interview.


How To Apply:

Login to your SMU Ontrac Account and search for 'Lien Centre for Social Innovation'. You will see a list of available positions with [SAIL] in the title. Please note that this programme is only open to SMU undergraduate students. If you have any questions about the programme, please email liencentre [at]


2021 Participating Organisations:

2021 orgs


Positions Available:

At Food from the Heart, you will be handling the Clean Plate Campaign as well as organising a public food donation drive.

The Clean Plate Campaign was started by Food from the Heart in 2013 in conjunction with World Food Day, with the aim of raising awareness of the environmental and societal impact of food waste, and to inculcate the habit of mindful eating. Food from the Heart is moving towards its broader intention of addressing the food waste issue nationwide by working with public institutions and business corporations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute a food donation drive for the public to help raise awareness about Food from the Heart
  • Plan and execute Food from the Heart’s 2020 Clean Plate Campaign through working together with the various participating schools and stakeholders
  • Job rotation and attachment with other Food from the Heart teams


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