The World That Changes The World

The World That Changes The World

LCSI takes an ecosystem approach towards Intervention. The major players in the social ecosystem can be said to be: beneficiaries, charities, capacity builders, regulators and the community. It is about taking on a broader approach in the next phase, focusing on (amongst others) social entrepreneurship, regulation and government 2.0, volunteerism and global civil society. Working with a pool of international thought leaders, this project has culminated in the publication The World That Changes The World.

To accomplish its mission, the social ecosystem employs a myriad of tools and approaches. Each player has its own, defined, but continually evolving, role to play, There are those who need help (beneficiaries), those who help (social purpose organisations), and those who help those helping (the capacity builders). These core players depend upon the wider community, the media, and the government for support, indeed, they can be so effective that half of the populations in some countries are mobilised to their cause.

There are, of course, problems and difficulties. For as much as the social ecosystem is about change, it is also beset by the forces of change. Enter the neo-philanthropists who seek to introduce market and business practices, some of which appear to be at odds will the values of the social world. And from within the sector, new heroes -the social entrepreneurs - are emerging to create social change on an unprecedented scale in new pattern-changing ways.

Meanwhile, the power of technology and innovation to foment disruptive change is enabling new possibilities and outcomes. The demands of accountability placed by civil society players on corporations and governments are rebounding on them. All these factors, and more, are transforming the social ecosystem even as it seeks to transform the larger world.



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