Social Conversations

Social Conversations

10 Nov 2016

Designed to promote conversations and collaborations beyond each event, the Social Conversations Series serves as a platform for socially oriented research and issues broadly aligned with LCSI’s to be engaged by stakeholders of different sectors. Participants include academics, social entrepreneurs, corporates, students, non-profit staff, civil servants, and the general public.

Innovation and the Global Sustainable Development Goals

This presentation by Professor Joseph Wong - Halbert Professor of Innovation, Associate Vice-President, and Vice-Provost for International Student Experience at the University of Toronto - gave a talk on his current work in Southeast Asia. The intimate and robust discussion involving over 40 attendees centred on innovative ways to reach marginalised populations in hard-to-reach places as a way to make headway to eliminate poverty. This event was co-organised with the High Commission of Canada in Singapore, with HE Lynn McDonald introducing the guest speaker and introducing Canada 150 as Canada marks the 150th anniversary of the confederation.

Empowering Youth as Leaders and Changemakers

In the second instalment of the year’s Social Conversations Series, the social entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Ashoka, William “Bill” Drayton, gave a talk and an extended Q-&-A session before an audience of over 120 guests. In the context of complex global and local challenges facing the next generation of leaders - and one that strives to make a meaningful impact on society - the topic focused on the need for perspectives that crossed national and sectoral boundaries, the ability to experiment and adapt, and the commitment to create change that mattered for people. With SMU being an Ashoka Changemaker Campus and LCSI having co-organised the Social iCon 2016 event with Ashoka, deepening strategic partnerships enables us to work collaboratively without losing our mission and vision.

Leadership and Social Good

The third instalment of the year’s Social Conversations Series took place on 16 September, during the SMU Social Impact Festival 2017. The half-day session, a partnership between Columbia University Club of Singapore and the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, consisted of 2 panels and 1 breakout workshop session, for an audience of 60 guests. Proceeds of the event went to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), whose Executive Director, Ms. Sherena Loh, was a panellist.


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