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Food Insecurity in Singapore

Executive Summary

This report will provide a deeper understanding of the food insecurity situation in Singapore. It sheds light on those experiencing food insecurity and the factors playing a role in this experience. In addition, it identifies gaps in food support provision and makes recommendations on how these gaps might be filled for a smoother and targeted food support distribution system.

In order to arrive at an understanding of food insecurity in the island nation, survey data was collected from 4 different geographical locations in Singapore in conjunction with semi-structured interviews with several food support organisations.

Despite the fact that Singapore has been ranked as the fourth most food secure nation in the world, this study shows that food insecurity is prevalent in the study sample, with 26.5% of the survey participants reporting severe food insecurity. Further, while lower income is typically positively correlated with the experience of food insecurity, this report finds that income is not the only factor in persistent food insecurity. Food insecurity is not limited to households belonging to the lowest income bracket, indicating that factors other than economic concerns precipitate the experience of household food insecurity. These other factors are time constraints, social isolation and health concerns.


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