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Social Space

Social Space 2015/2016

This issue, the first after Social Space's revamp, focusses on social finance. Go to to view the latest issue! 

Social Space 2014/2015

The Lien Centre’s annual publication focuses this year on social innovation labs and innovations in poverty alleviation. It was launched on Wed 8 Oct 2014 at ThinkFest, with a keynote by Philip Colligan, from Nesta’s Innovation Lab. He was joined on a panel by fellow Social Space contributors, Prof Ann Florini and Tong Yee, as well as special guest Gabi Zedlmayer, Chief Progress Officer of HP, who shared about how the world’s most wicked problems need fresh approaches and collaborations. The panel was moderated by Lien Centre for Social Innovation chairman’s Dr Tan Chi Chiu. Download PDF

ss2013-14Dr Tan Chi Chiu - Editorial 

Noeleen Heyzer Inclusive Development

Tong Yee – Contextualising the New National Narrative

Ann Florini – When Three is not a Crowd: New trends in governance

Philip Colligan – Lessons from Nesta’s Innovation Lab

Bernise Ang - Innovating without a Brief

Marlieke Kieboom - Challenging the practice of social innovation laboratories

John Donaldson, Victoria Gerrard and Sanushka Mudaliar Social Innovation in Development

Kerri-Ann O’neill and David Schofield - Together for Street Children

James Arvanitakis - Cultures of Resilience

Jared Tham - Wiki NGO

Social Space 2013/2014

The 18 articles in the 2013/2014 publication are in five key sections – Perspectives, Social Innovation Labs, Unmet Needs, Future of the Social Sector and On the Wild Side. There is also a special report on Measuring Poverty in Singapore, which has received recent media attention. Download PDF

ss2013-14Dr Tan Chi Chiu Editorial 
Dr Mary Ann Tsao - Mapping Out an Age-Friendly Singapore
Lee Poh Wah - Unpacking Radical Philanthropy
Adam Kahane - Transformative Scenario Planning
Geraldine Cahill and Satsuko VanAntwerp – The Wisdom of Tupperware
Dr Sarah Schulman – Methodological Craft 
Julie Simon and Anna Davies – People-Powered Social Innovation
Pradeep Ghosh - Social Innovation Labs
Ada Wong - From Fragmentation and Silos to Tri-Sector Collaboration
John Donaldson, Jacqueline Loh, Sanushka Mudaliar, Mumtaz Md Kadir, Wu Biqi, Yeoh Lam Keong – Measuring Poverty in Singapore
Stefen Chow, Lin Hui-Yi  – The Poverty Line
Valerie Schmitt and Rachael Chadwick – Assessment-Based National Dialogue Exercises and Social Protection Floors in East and Southeast Asia. This article is now also found on the Global Extension of Social Security website.
Helen Gata and Sara Almeida – Unmet Needs in Portugal
Michael Switow - Post-2015
Dr Adrian W.J. Kuah - Foresight and Policy
Jared Tham - Defining an Asian Social Economy
Viswa Sadasivan Do Efficient Outcomes Dull Resilience?

Social Space 2012

The 19 articles in this publication are in five key sections – Perspectives, Design Thinking, Social Finance, Impactful Advocacy and Social Innovation MosaicDownload PDF.

ss2012Dr Tan Chi Chiu – Editorial
Mechai Viravaidya – Spawning Social Enterprises Across Asia
Stanley Tan – Reclaiming Singapore’s Lost Soul
Liak Teng Lit – Purging Healthcare of Conventional “Wisdom”
Christian Bason – Leading Social Design: What does it take?
Sean Koh – Design Thinking: A Culture of Innovation
Sharifah Mohamed – Reconnecting the Non-Profit Organisation with its Beneficiaries
Philo Alto – Impact Investing: Will Hype Stall its Emergence as an Asset Class?
Yvonne Li – The Promise of Impact Investing
Ka Kui Tse – Every Business a Social Business: Fantasy or Destiny?
Kim Tan – Enterprise, Not Aid, for Social Change
Al Hammond – Bringing Bottom of the Pyramid Markets and Consumers into the Economic Mainstream
Braema Mathi – Getting the Foundations Right: The Social Protection Floor Initiative
Fiona Martin – Advocacy in Charity: A Breakaway from the Common Law
Ken Hickson – Sense and Sustainability
Felicia Low – The Arts as a Social Cause
Gillian Koh and Debbie Soon - The Future of Singapore’s Civil Society
Jared Tham – Social Incubators: A Place for Changemakers to Call Home
Wu Biqi – The Promise and Challenge of Ecotourism
Jack Sim – Bottoms Up

Social Space 2011

The 20 articles in this publication are in six key sections – Perspectives, Enlightened Marketplace, Savvy Advocacy, New Social Models, Social Innovation Mosaic, and On the Other Side. Download PDF

Dr Tan Chi Chiu – Editorial
Jennie Chua –  Hard Truths about Heart Work
Tay Kheng Soon – Of Spatial and Mindset Change
Vincent Wijeysingha – Finding the Human in Society
Wayne Visser – CSR 2.0: Transforming the role of business in society
Jem Bendell – Towards Rio 2012 and Collaborative Governance for Sustainable Development
John Loder – The Promise of Social Impact Bonds
Stefan Jacob & Pin Kwok – Improving Lives in the Base of Pyramid, Profitably
John Elkington – The Demand and Supply of Sensibility
Oranutt Narapruet – Celebrity Philanthropy: Reassessing fame for civil society
Hilary Stauffer – ASEAN and the Evolving State of Human Rights
Arre Zuurmond, Lobke van der Meulen & Jorrit de Jong – Fighting Bureaucratic Dysfunction: Pursuing citizen-centric public innovation
Siew Kum Hong – Working on the Rights of Singapore’s Working Poor
Jacqueline Loh – Bottom Fifth in Singapore
Gigi Georges & Tim Glynn Burke – Disruptive Logic: A new paradigm for social change
Ezio Manzini The New Way of the Future: Small, local, open and connected
Laura Bunt – Social Innovation Challenges: More than just the money
Louise Pulford – The Global Ecosystem for Social Innovation
Won Soon Park – Tiny Ideas, Big Changes
Walaiphorn Wajavuth & Amarit Charoenphan – Social Innovations in Thailand
Lee Poh Wah – Mortally Morbid Musings

Social Space 2010

The 28 articles in this publication are in eight key sections – Interviews, The New Business Paradigm, New Microfinance Initiatives, Rural and Urban Innovation, Youth Engagement in the Social Space, Social Innovation Mosaic, The Lien i3 Challenge Winners and On the Wild Side. Download PDF

Dr Tan Chi Chiu - Editorial
Claire Chiang – Storytellers as Philanthropic Champions
Catherine Lim – Civil Society Sector & Political Change
Hsieh Fu Hua – Of Modest Giving, Community Values & Social Change
Geoffrey Williams Socially Responsible Investment in Asia
Bindu Sharma Discovering the Asian Form of CSR
Christine Davis & Stephanie Soderborg – Multi-stakeholder Approaches to Development Initiatives in Southeast Asia
Richard Welford - Business Solutions to Global Challenges
Jared Tham – Corporate Social Innovation
Eric Savage, Abhijit Ray & Abhishek Fogla – Indian Microfinance: Swimming Fully Clothed!
Patsian Low - Microfinance For Migrant Workers
Thomas Menkhoff, Solvay Gerke & Hans-Dieter Evers – Water and Knowledge Management in Vietnam: Understanding the Mekong Basin
Martin Stewart-Weeks – Social Innovation and The City
Koh Kheng Lian, Asanga Gunawansa & Lovleen Bhullar – “Eco-Cities” and “Sustainable Cities” – Whither?
Chua Cheng Chye – Rethinking Community-Service Education in Singapore Schools
Estelle Low & Miak Aw – Uncovering The Dirty Secrets of a Food Paradise
Willie Cheng – Transitions Within The Ecosystem of Change
Runa Khan – An Innovative Approach to Delivering Healthcare to Geographically and Socially Remote Areas
Anita Devasahayam – A Case study on WWF-Malaysia’s Use of Media Tools to Champion Advocacy
Lien Centre for Social Innovation – Highlights of the Start-Up Years
APOPO - Building a Rats-Based Detection Technology with the Capacity to Detect Landmines
GOONJ - Turning City Waste into Useful Materials
Green Earth Concepts - Barrett Steam Pump
Habitat for Humanity - Interlocking Bricks
International Bridges to Justice - Criminal Defence Training
Mira - Intermediary for Micro-Philanthropy
Shilpa Sayura Foundation - The Shilpa Sayura e-School
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Students - Intelligent Walking Aid
Fredrik Härén – Don’t Do Good!

Social Space 2009

The 24 articles in this publication are in six key sections – Perspectives on Social Innovation, New Social Models, CSR Rethink, Unmet Social Needs, Social Innovation Mosaic, and On the Wild Side. Download PDF

Dr Tan Chi Chiu - Editorial
Ngiam Tong Dow – Government, Innovation & the Social Sector
Ann Wee – The Changing Face of Social Consciousness
Ho Kwon Ping – New Models for Doing Business
Willie Cheng – The Market and the Social Economy
Sharifah Maisharah Mohamed – Innovation: Not for the Non-profit?
Ho Yew Kee & Gregory Tan – A Funding Challenge for Charities
Jared Tham – Mergers and Acquisitions in the NPO sector
Kevin Teo & Leng Leroy Lim - Social Enterprise: A Moral Framework?
Peter Shergold - Economic Recession and CSR in Singapore
Thomas Thomas – CSR Singapore Style
Jem Bendell & Chew Ng - Characteristics of Asian CSR
Thomas Menkhoff – Chinese Philanthropy in Southeast Asia
Eugene KB Tan – Back to Basics: The New Moral Economy
Braema Mathi – Meeting Needs: Singapore’s Shifting Sands
Farheen Mukri – Hide and Seek with the Birds and Bees
John KE Tan – Support for Youth Workers
Irene Ng & David Rothwell – A Rising Tide Lifts No Sunken Boat
Ko Siew Huey - Making Aid Work
Corline Van Es & Chris Sigaloff – Big-Time Small-Scale Innovations
Filippo Addarii & Ben Rattenbury – Promoting Third Sector Leadership
Peter Plastrik & John Cleveland - Climate Change, Cities and the Poor
Arthur R. Wood – New Financial Paradigm in Social Investment
Lien Centre for Social Innovation – Innovation Youth Projects in Asia
Ivy Singh-Lim - A Fortunate Life… Even in Singapore

Social Space 2008

The 19 articles in this publication are in six key sections – Social Landscape, Social Models, Social Enterprises, Non-profit Management, Philanthropy and Civil Society & Government. Download PDF

Willie Cheng – The Charity Ecosystem
Halimah Chew – The Giving Landscape in Singapore
Sharifah Maisharah Mohamed – Tracing Singapore ‘s Social Sector
Mark Surman & Tonya Surman – The Constellation Model for Social Change
Chris Cusano – After the Tigers: Building a Competitive Citizen Sector
Carolyn Seah – Why Being For-Profit in the Non-Profit Sector Makes Sense
Sean Quek – Social Enterprises: Beyond the Hype
B. Joon Park – More Than Just Tugging at the Heartstrings
Usha Menon – Social ‘Service Innovation’
Ang Bee Lian - When the Clients Come First
Seet Ai Mee & R. Akhileswaran – Resuscitating a Healthcare Charity
Mak Yuen Teen – When is a Voluntary Code not Voluntary?
Gerard Ee – Philanthropy: Giving Meaningfully
Charles Hampden-Turner & Tan Teng Kee – The Dilemmas of Giving: The Heart of Paradox
Terry Alan Farris – Singapore : The New Philanthropic Hub?
Braema Mathi – Growing Civil Society in Singapore
Geh Min - Growing Green Space
Dr Tan Chi Chiu – Overseas Giving: Should Charity Begin at Home?
Jack Sim – Sleepless in Singapore


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