Hunger In A Food Lover's Paradise: Understanding Food Insecurity In Singapore

2019 | Unmet Social Needs Download the Report




The mention of Singapore often conjures up images of a food lover’s nation with easy access to abundant and delicious food of all types. However, the underbelly of the Singapore that most people see, with its Michelin-starred restaurants and air-conditioned malls, contains a different story: food insecurity is an unfortunate fact of life for several families in the city-state.

Hunger in a Food Lover’s Paradise is the first examination of food insecurity in Singapore from the perspectives of households as well as food support organisations. Through interviews and surveys, this report reveals the various factors contributing to food insecurity as well as the efforts made by organisations to provide relief through financial and other means. The report also contains recommendations for food support organisations and other stakeholders to jointly address the challenges and gaps in Singapore’s food support landscape.


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