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White Papers

LCSI has in the past published white papers on various topics of community interest.


1) Singapore, the Impact Investing Hub of Asia?
(Sep 2015)

SingaporeImpactInvestingThe objective of this paper is to investigate whether Singapore has the potential of becoming a successful rival to regional impact investing hubs such as New York, Geneva or San Francisco. Previous research of the Lien Centre for Social Innovation (Levers for Change, From Charity to Change) suggests that the philanthropic culture is substantial in Singapore. However, a shift from traditional philanthropy to venture philanthropy and, eventually, to impact investing, would help to address growing inequality in both Singapore and Asia in general, unlock creativity and business savvy, create more jobs, enhance overall work productivity and foster social change. The result would be a more even and sustainable economic development. The current global impact investing market is estimated at $50 billion and is expected to grow to $500 billion in the next 5-7 years. As Asia’s financial hub with substantial human capital, Singapore has the chance – probably more than any other Asian country – to become its impact-investing centre. In order to demonstrate what is feasible in a city of a comparable size, the impact investing market of Hong Kong will be investigated in more detail. Download PDF

This publication has been cited in an article by The Peak magazine about impact investing.


2) White Paper on Promoting Non-Profit Organisations’ IT Enablement in Singapore (2009)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can be the most cost effective model in the long term for the delivery of IT services to non profit organisations. With the prevalence of high bandwidth availability and initiatives such as national GRID network and rollout of SaaS for SMEs, the introduction of SaaS for the nonprofit sector can be implemented in a cost effective way. To address this need, LCSI engaged Accenture Singapore staff on a pro-bono basis to conceptualise a White Paper on this topic. Download PDF

3) State of Social Enterprises in Singapore (2007)

This study of the social enterprise sector in Singapore was commissioned by the then-Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports to understand the current social enterprise landscape, their contributions as well as attitudes of VWOs towards social enterprises. Data for this study was collected through quantitative surveys and supported by qualitative interviews. Download PDF

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