The Lotus Initiative: Latest From The Field

Tuesday Oct 22,2019 | Lotus Initiative

The Lotus Initiative kickstarted with an innovative approach towards understanding the community needs in Sahidbhumi, a rural village in Eastern Nepal. Utilising the Human-Centered Design (HCD), we worked with Utopia in Kathmandu to train and deploy four local researchers in the village.


The three-week design research phase specifically focused on farmers, business owners/businesses/and households as "users" and aimed to understand their activities, habits, challenges, aspirations, and opportunities. In order to gain an understanding of the macro conditions, the research also focused on systems, institutions within and outside of Sahidbhumi that affect the personal and occupational patterns of the users. Issues identified from the research will be subsequently refined and ideated upon in community workshops with the community, government officials, and relevant partners in Sahidbhumi.



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