Elderly Population in Singapore: Understanding Social, Physical and Financial Needs

2015 | Unmet Social Needs Download the Report

Who are Singapore's low-income elderly? What makes some resilient in the face of multiple challenges? What are their social needs that might be filled by additional interventions via civil society or government programmes? These are some of the questions this study explores.

The study began with intensive interviews with 100 residents of one low-income neighborhood in Singapore to illuminate potential causal connections and hints regarding possible effective ways to intercede. This was followed up with a series of small-group conversations with participants, as well as ‘social conversations' with representatives of Singapore's leading civil society organisations.

Important insights about social isolation, financial deprivation and physical challenges amongst participating elders were highlighted. This findings were shared with our organisation partner and other engaged parties, putting ‘action' into our research to make a change and co-create tangible improvements.