PROGRAMMing approach

Our practice-based programmes build and support networks between the public, private and social sectors. We conduct custom short courses, organise forums, engage with thought leaders, facilitate a social enterprise incubator/accelerator, and provide internships. Through these, we hope to build capacity in and around mitigating social issues.

SMU-TCTF Summer Attachment & Industry Learning Programme at Social Service Organisations

Embark on a unique and rewarding attachment at a social service organisation where you will drive positive change through fundraising initiatives, digital marketing and charitable programmes.


DBS Business For Good Internship

Social entrepreneurs are transforming the business landscape by building viable, self-sustaining businesses with social and environmental missions. The DBS Business for Good Internship will challenge you to do business differently – to apply principles of marketing, business and management, in tackling pressing social and environmental issues, such as food wastage, access to water in the region, elderly care and others.


Summer Associates Programme

The Summer Associates Programme is designed to provide talented young people from all around the world, with a chance to gain meaningful work experience in the area of social innovation, through an 8 to 10 week internship. Students will not only have an opportunity to contribute to our research and programmes, but also hone their media-savvy skills by writing articles and producing content for our flagship publication — Social Space Magazine.


X-SIED: Leadership & Social Innovation Programme

The Leadership and Social Innovation Programme for pre-university students is designed to give participants an introduction to the field of social innovation. Interactive class discussions will encourage critical thought and action to help students explore their own leadership potential.


HSBC-SMU Change Leaders for Environmental Sustainability

Supported by HSBC, the HSBC-SMU Change Leaders Programme is a 12-month experience for SMU graduates who are fully dedicated to setting up and running a social venture intended to address an environmental sustainability problem. Change Leaders are empowered through the provision of mentors, monthly stipend, and opportunities to engage with the wider community.

Change Lab @ LCSI

Change Lab

The Change Lab is an LCSI initiative aimed at improving the lives of Singapore's marginalised or vulnerable demographic groups through action. 

The most recent undertaking by the Change Lab was the Allyship 101 Programme. This short-course was designed to encourage student leaders to use their influence to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities (often shortened to PWD). The course was curated and delivered by Imani Majied from Cornell University, under the mentorship of the LCSI team during her 2017/18 intership. To learn more about allyship and it's role in inclusion, click here for an overview of the course. 

Social Enterprise Incubator/Accelerator

This SMU Impact Accelerator, delivered in partnership with the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and SMU-X, offers SMU community members a complete support system of hand-picked mentors, structured curriculum, peer learning opportunities, powerful networks and services, and space to build innovative solutions to the most pressing social challenges in Singapore and across the region.

Short Courses

We provide customised local and regional training for local and international organisations and institutions of higher learning around social innovation, entrepreneurship, impact and leadership. Our courses are taught by senior leaders, and our trainees include undergraduate and graduate students, industry and social sector professionals, and teachers. Download our short courses brochure here

ACE Capstone Leadership Programme

Organised in partnership with NCSS and funded by the Tote Board, this rigorous experiential programme builds competency among current and potential C-suite leaders in the non-profit sector (including social enterprises) through learning labs, action learning, projects and executive coaching. To learn more about the programme, click here.

Social Conversations

Designed to promote conversations and collaborations beyond each event, the Social Conversations Series serves as a platform for socially oriented research and issues broadly aligned with LCSI’s to be engaged by stakeholders of different sectors. Participants include academics, social entrepreneurs, corporates, students, non-profit staff, civil servants, and the general public.


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